Alex new publication on soluble glucans with immunostimulatory activity

Congratulations Alex for the publication of your new article "Microwave pretreatment of paramylon enhances the enzymatic production of soluble β-1,3-glucans with immunostimulatory activity" Published in Carbohydrate Polymers. The article describe the development of a new combined physical and enzymatic approach for the hydrolysis of the storage polysaccharide paramylon from Euglena. The work also presents a new simple, sensitive and time-saving dye-based method to assess the efficacy of the microwave pretreatment on paramylon granules. Finally, the established hydrothermal microwave pretreatment of paramylon granules significantly enhanced the enzymatic hydrolysis of paramylon to bioactiv

Cancer cage fight

Spotlight on: Dr Andrew Care and Ms Dennis Diaz Dr Andrew Care, a research fellow in the Department of Molecular Sciences, was recently awarded a 2018 Early Career Fellowship from the Cancer Institute New South Wales (CINSW). Dr Care's research is using genetically engineered bacteria to produce biological nanoparticles that can be loaded with drugs to target cancer. Ms Dennis Diaz, supervised by Assoc Prof Anwar Sunna, was recently awarded a Research Scholarship Award worth $10,000 from the translational cancer research centre, Sydney Vital, to research the targeted photodynamic therapy of breast cancer with biological nanoparticles. Read more


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