Vinoth and Rachit present at Oznanomed

Busy month for members of the Sunna lab. Vinoth and Rachit are attended the International Nanomedicine Conference (Oznanomed) in Sydney. Vinoth (left) gave a talk about his work on detecting antibiotic-resistant superbugs using smartphones and Rachit (right) presented a poster on chemical-free conjugation of antibodies onto inorganic surfaces.

Dominik attends the Metabolic Engineering Conference in Germany

Dominik attended the 12th Metabolic Engineering Conference in Munich, Germany. He presented his poster entitled" Cell-free synthetic pathway for the conversion of spent coffee grounds into lactic acid". He also participated in the rapid fire poster presentation, in which you only 90 seconds to present your work.

Dominik visited Bettina Siebers group in Germany

Dominik visited Prof Bettina Siebers group at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. Dominik presented his work, enzymatic pathway for the conversion of spent coffee grounds into bio-based chemicals, to Bettina's group and had the opportunity to get some useful feedback on his project.


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