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Anwar will chair the 1st Webinar Series of the journal Catalysts - "Recent Advances in Biocatal

Global trends toward sustainability, the reduction of organic waste, and landfill avoidance are driving the demand for greener products with improved properties and for new environmentally friendly biomanufacturing. Multi-enzymatic biocatalytic systems show potential for effectively catalyzing value-added bioconversion processes. Accordingly, the field of enzyme technology and biocatalysis has become a primary focus for the synthesis of bio-based chemicals and high-value compounds. Multiple enzymes systems are now rationally combined into natural and non-natural synthetic biocatalytic pathways, and more robust systems can be achieved using (chemo)enzymatic cascades.

Chair: A/Prof. Dr. Anwar Sunna

Date & Time: 17 JUNE 2020 1:00pm (CEST)

Registration is free but places are limited

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